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Many people have been searching the dark movie “The Dwarf-Nose” on the tale of Wilhelm Hauff for a long time. I myself asked this question in the mid-2000s. Already then there were quite a few pages discussing this film. As time went on, various versions of the famous fairy-tale screen versions appeared on the network. However, some seekers calmed down by finding what they were looking for. But still there is a huge group of people who have never found a film that they saw many years ago. On this link you can see some active search forums. Here you can read the comments of numerous witnesses (on various sites) who watched the movie. Searches are conducted to this day. Perhaps one day the film will be found thanks to the efforts of the seekers.

The heart of the matter

An organized search for this film adaptation of V.Hauff’s fairy tale began during this distribution. The topic reached 50 pages there, but searches did not advance, therefore a topic was created in this section. There is no hope that this film is in anyone’s personal collection. It is impossible to find even the slightest information about him. While the task is to collect information with the help of eyewitnesses. The film was shown in the 80s once or twice. Unfortunately, it was not possible to establish the exact date of the show, because in the State TV and Radio Company for this film made an exception and did not post the information in the TV program. A thorough search conducted by enthusiasts in the newspapers of the 80s did not reveal the date of the show. The case is strange, because In the TV program you can find any film broadcast by Soviet television. According to the memoirs of some of the film was shown in the first half of the 80s, according to the memoirs of others - in the second half of the 80s. This suggests a double display. If this is so, then it is all the more strange that the film was not announced in both cases.

The film was shot based on the work of W.Hauff "Dwarf-Nose", but as an option it was called either "The Legend of Poor Jacob", or "The Instructive Story of Jacob". The name consisted of three or four words, one of them is "Jacob". Some letters had accented characters (ž, á, etc.). Letters in Latin, but the alphabet is Slavic. The meaning of words was, in principle, guessed. Title titles were performed in Gothic letters, and fire ran over them. There is also an assumption that the film was co-produced by several European countries.

The film was very different from what we were then shown. He was shot in the Gothic style, in the genre of realism. From the point of view of camera work, makeup, clothes, made very worthy. There are few scenery, only the necessary minimum, but considering that the camera was filming in a narrow, confined space, these decorations were quite enough. It was a television movie. It was filmed by cameras on a magnetic tape. Accordingly, the image is tough. Translation voice-over.

Despite being very curious, the film had a terrible impact. It was a kind of numbing horror. Not because of the special effects, but because of the general atmosphere of hopelessness. The oppressive atmosphere was present in the film with a distinct line. In the film, everything happened very slowly and it created a feeling of pain. And there constantly hung fog as one of the means of forcing the atmosphere. Dwarf-Nose looked ugly to disgust. It was a man, very crooked, with a hump above his head. His nose was large, fleshy, hooked, downward. Fingers are long, knotted, awkward. And for all its appearance, the dwarf was incredibly depressed.

The world view of the Dwarf was very well conveyed, we see the world through his eyes, from the bottom up (the operator used this technique from time to time - a first-person view, a camera at the level of the dwarf's eyes). Many people remember the episode of how a witch took out severed human heads with distorted facial features from a basket instead of cabbages. At the same time on the necks were visible traces of dried blood. Heavy for the perception of the film, the tension did not release all over. But the film and attracted too.

Found screenings of the tale

The Central Television of the USSR also broadcast the Dwarf-Nos television film of the GDR [1978] produced in the program “Visiting a Fairy Tale” in 1981 and 1985, and in the 70s they showed the Soviet production by director G.Orlova I am writing about this because many, recalling Dwarf-nose, mean one of these films. But these films are no match for the film being sought.

List of famous screen versions of the fairy tale Dwarf Nose

On the Internet, it was possible to find information about 14 film versions of this tale. The list (in German) was compiled by Delirium2007. The wanted film is not among them:

1. ZWERG   NASE  1921 (OSTERREICH) - Schwarz-Weiss filme, die trickfilmelemente einbeziehen
Filmstudio: Astoria-Film
Regisseur: Heinz Hanus, Ladislaus Tuszynski
2. ZWERG   NASE  1924 (DEUTSCHLAND) Schwarz-Weiss Kurz-Spielfilm
Produktionsfirma: Fritz Bettge-Film (Berlin)
3. ZWERG   NASE  1953 (BRD) - Schwarz-Weiss Spielfilm
Filmstudio: Schongerfilm GmbH
Regisseur: Francesco Stefani
4. ZWERG   NASE  1955 (BRD) - Schwarz-Weiss Puppentrickfilm
Filmstudio: Augsburger Puppenkiste
Regisseur: Fritz Umgelter, Ekkehard Bohmer
5. ZWERG   NASE  1958 (DDR) - Fernsehspiel (farbe)
Filmstudio: DDR Fernsehen Produktionen
Regisseur: Hans-Gunther Bohm
6. KARLIK NOS 1970 (UdSSR) - Schwarz-Weiss Fernsehspiel
Regisseur: Galina Orlova
7. ZWERG   NASE  1978 (DDR) - Fernsehspiel (farbe)
Filmstudio: Deutscher Fernsehfunk
Regisseur: Karl-Heinz Bahls
8. ZWERG   NASE  1980 (OSTERREICH) - Schwarz-Weiss Fernsehspiel
Filmstudio: ORF-Production
Regisseur: Johannes Hoflehner
9. O NOSATE CARODEJNICI 1984 (CSSR) - Fernsehspiel (farbe)
Regisseur: Jana Pokorna
10. ZWERG   NASE  1986 (DDR) - Puppentrickfilm (farbe)
Filmstudio: DEFA-Studio fur Trickfilme
Regisseur: Katja Georgi
11. ZWERG NASE 1991 (BRD) - Zeichenfilm (farbe)
Filmstudio: Transtel Cologne
Regisseur: Wenzel Kofron
12. KARLIK NOS 2003 (RUSSIA) - Zeichenfilm (farbe)
Filmstudio: MELNITSA Animation Studio
Regisseur: Ilya Maksimov
13. ZWERG   NASE  – 4 Fauste fur ein Zauberkraut 2006 (DEUTSCHLAND) - Fernsehen Parodiefilm (farbe)
Filmstudio: Medienfonds GFP, Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH
Regisseur: Cyrill Boss, Philipp Stennert
14. ZWERG  NASE 2008 (DEUTSCHLAND) - Fernsehspiel (farbe)
Filmstudio: Kinderfilm, Moviepool, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Regisseur: Felicitas Darschin

It is also known that in 1982 on the Leningrad television filmed the play "Dwarf Nose", but there is no fact that he was ever shown.

Requests to specialized organizations

Strangely enough, but the photo of the actor Fritz Wepper presented below somewhat resembles the image of the Dwarf-Nose from the wanted movie. He would have to make up for more terrible, attach him a huge hanging nose, and would feel like. But this is probably a coincidence, and this actor probably did not act in the film.

Volunteers sent numerous letters to all sorts of organizations. To no avail, in the film community they know nothing about this film. This is a ghost movie. I believe that he deserved a place in the history of film and television as a phenomenon. I do not know of other such examples, so that the film does not leave anything behind, even the lines in the program.

List of organizations that have sent a negative response to the request (28 pcs.)

Laboratory of the History of Foreign Cinema in VGIK
Deutsche Rundfunkarchiv in Potsdam
Filmdatenbank der DEFA-Stiftung
Barrandov Studio
Bavaria Film
The swedish film institute
The swedish film database
SVT - the national television of Sweden
Polish Filmmakers Association
The british film institute
Hungarian National Film Archive
The austrian film institute
Hauff's Fairy Tale Museum (Hauff’s Fairy Tale Museum)
Children's films studio SRP5, Romania
Studio "Bucuresti", Romania
Pannonia Film Studio, Hungary
Suedburgenland TV (Austrian TV channel)
ORF (Austrian TV channel)
ARD (German TV and Radio Company)
TV channel TV Center
TV channel "Nostalgia"
National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus. The main directorate of stock materials.

List of organizations that did not respond at all (41 pcs.)

Deutsches Filminstitut
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
The Film and Television University (HFF) „Konrad Wolf“
UFA Film & TV Produktion
Filmmuseum berlin
Filmmuseum potsdam
Deutsche filmakademie
LUCAS - Internationales Kinderfilmfestival
Online edition of children's and youth films kjk-muenchen.de
The National Film Archive in Prague
Czech Film and Television Academy
Czech Film Center
Portal Kinobox.cz
Polish Film Institute
Film School in Lodz, Poland
European Children's Film Association
European Film Academy
The International Film Festival
Filmarchiv austria
Danmarks Film Akademi
The danish film institute
The Slovak Film and Television Academy
Studio Filmowe TOR
European Cultural Organization (ECF)
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Research Institute of Cinema
Magazine "Kinograf"
Journal "Film Studies"
Art Cinema magazine
Journal "Session"
The magazine "Telecentre"
President of the Guild of film critics and film critics, Russian Federation
Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Russian Federation
Riga Film Studio
Lithuanian film studio
Sovexportfilm, Russian Federation
First channel, Russian Federation
Channel "Russia", Russian Federation
NTV, Russian Federation
TV channel "Culture", Russian Federation

The film's storyline and features

The film is television, the image is clear, and the colors are dim, in gray and brown tones, the lighting is diffused, because in the film it's autumn. When Jacob, already enchanted, was returning home from the old woman's lair, the mood of this moment conveys the next frame from the movie "Labyrinth"(1986), although the color scheme here is not exactly the same. Throughout the movie the weather was dull.

film "Labyrinth"(1986)

The atmosphere is gothic, unusually heartfelt, with sinking in the inner world of the main character. Presence of fog or haze. Hopelessness and strain, some other feeling that everything happens in a dream, and the desire to move quickly is impossible. The dwarf moved awkwardly like slow-mo, as if pressed to the ground. Slow movements created a sense of "drag" that made me uncomfortable.

The atmosphere of the film was permeated with some kind of silence, often there were long pauses between the dialogues, all this seemed to emphasize the immersion of the Dwarf in himself, deeply experienced his condition. There was no music, but at times there was a background, disturbing, vague. A lot of silence, a lot of smooth movement.

Jacob is a handsome young man with dark hair. He has a meaningful, far from childish view. Jacket and pants in medieval style. When Jakob loses his beauty, turning into an ugly dwarf, you experience a shock from the contrast.

The market was not very crowded, everything was happening slowly and somehow indifferent. It seems that it was morning. The sellers were laying out their goods. Light diffused, it looks like autumn. The trays are covered, stand in rows, covered or covered with some sacking. Scenes in the market of which there were many were shot near because of the tightness of the shopping arcades.

When the witch appeared on the market, she was not shown at first, was a first-person view. She walked slowly and ominously, and people shied away from her. When she was finally shown - it caused a shudder. The old witch was walking straight to the greengrocer. Traders and market visitors were frightened by her appearance, all at once became quiet. Danger literally felt skin. By the way, the saleswomen were dressed like cabbage, a cap on her head, a dress with lacing, skirts. The old woman did not make an impression of insanity. After the witch had gone down the aisle to the greengrocer counter, from that moment until the end of the episode, only three people were in the spotlight - Hannah, Jacob and the old woman. The rest were quietly picking at the counters and stealthily watching what was happening. In this situation it was very disturbing for Jacob and Hannah, they seemed defenseless. It was felt that trouble was coming. It was very transmitted through the screen. Approaching the counter of Hannah, the old woman became a long time, oh-very, very long and scrupulously choose cabbage. Her bony fingers with eerie nails showed on the whole screen. She stirred and crumbled the goods, brought the roots and greens under her ugliest nose, scolded the goods, threw it on the ground. Jacob and his mother did not like it. Who will buy from them after these manipulations? Then Jakob laughed at the old woman with a sneer, ridiculing her nose and thin neck, to which she replied that he would grow the same nose and even worse, but he would not have a neck at all. Then Hannah asked her to buy something or leave. The old woman chose several heads of cabbage, but she asked Hannah to send her son to help her bring the basket with cabbage to her house. Jacob did not want to go with her, he was frightened, but he had to obey. And they went for some colorless, sun-bleached streets. The basket at Jacob was, it seems, a shoulder strap and from this view he was similar to a hunchback. And the old woman made a joke about this. She was going to turn him into a freak and was in anticipation of revenge for her disrespectful attitude.Jacob still did not understand the hidden meaning of her words. She led him like a slaughter. They walked through the streets outside the city wall, they crossed the bridge. It feels like this bridge is a kind of border between this and that world. The road in the fog and haze.

The appearance of the witch's house is terrible and sad, inside it seems bigger than outside. The dwelling is secluded, seemingly in the slums of the forest, hidden from prying eyes. Before opening the door, the witch searches for the key. There are several rooms in the house, not just the kitchen. The floors in the house are mirrored. On the floor skate-skim squirrels shod in nutshells! And the proteins are real, not fake. The original picture - the camera of the operator is installed as if at the level of the floor, and in the foreground the squirrel rides. When she drives off, a review opens into the room and it becomes clear that there is a bunch of squirrels bustling around.

Jacob carried a basket with cabbage heads, and in the witch's house it turned out that all this time he carried a basket with severed human heads. The old woman said the phrase - "Yes, human heads are a hard burden" (or "heavy burden"). She picked up the lid from the basket and grabbed it by the whirlwind, pulled out a human head from there. In the basket were like four heads. One - female, in a cap with ruches. The rest are masculine, shaggy, with open mouths. The people who saw the film were horrified by this episode with their heads cut off. Where else could you see this?

The witch fed Jacob with soup. During this meal, she tore off a petal from a dark red four-petalled flower with a yellow mid-lily type and threw it into the plate, after which he fell asleep either on the couch, or right behind the table. Then there was a transformation. Jacob's nose grew-a large, fleshy curve, directed down to the chin itself, a massive hump appeared above his head, his very head twisted, his head fell into his shoulders. But he is not a dwarf in the strict sense of the word. This is an adult man, crooked, with a huge hump. Externally dense, loose, disheveled. Clothes are bad. Jakob became painfully already terrified in the image of a dwarf. The witch, in contrast to him, did not look so ugly. But he was not yet aware of what had happened to him. Another important detail is that, having put on his shells on his feet, Jakob has already become completely immersed in witchcraft spells. And it was just throwing them off and then changing into their shoes, he became a bit "free". His seven-year stay with the witch seemed to him a dream when he woke up. He thought he slept for a couple of hours and it was time to go home. The old woman was not at home at this moment.

The Jakob's escape was very long. He himself did not yet understand what had really happened to him. He returned very slowly, barely moving his legs, bending over. It seemed that this return would never end. He walked along a strange area, faded in the sun. The scenery gave some unnaturalness to the landscape, there was something irrational about it. And on some segment of the road there was a feeling of a corridor. From the house of the sorceress to the city the dwarf met no one. The terrain along which he walked was lifeless. The dwarf stumbled in confusion, looked around, as if he had seen everything for the first time, and muttered something.Appearing in the city, Jakob walks down the street, and we do not see him, but what he sees himself, that is, we look with his eyes, namely from below upwards. Jacob does not understand people's excessive attention to him. Before entering the market, he passed the wicker fence. In the market, the very sad mother of Jacob is sitting behind the counter, and when he, enchanted by the terrible dwarf, approached her, she recoiled with a cry of horror, became even more upset after his words, like he was her son, and chased him away, scolding Because he mocks her grief. He goes to his father in misunderstanding and despair.And there he, having received a mirror from him, looks at him, and from that moment begins to understand what has happened to him after all. On the street, he sits on the pavement, huddled against the walls, crushed and completely absorbed by this event.

Then Jacob repeatedly, when he becomes a cook of the duke, will come to the market for food. He will have his "own" corner from which he is furtive, at some distance, he will look at his mother with a very sad look, and what's important is sitting right on the ground.

The suspense of the film was that the sorceress did not forgive Jakob his escape, she decided to return it at all costs. I remember that there was a constant threat that she would return, she would not leave it that way, the fate of the dwarf was solved, there was some inevitability in it. Even if the dwarf can be disenchanted by incredible efforts, she will invariably spell it again and take it back to her lair, and no one will save, even her parents. It is despair, it is useless to fight. Such were the sensations, experiences and constant fear for the dwarf, the old woman is on the heels, this threat was somehow present somehow. This pressured incredibly.In the course of the film, the witch came back for Jacob to the market, but could not find it. He somehow managed to hide. At moments when the old woman appeared on the market, the intensity of horror was the maximum.

Quite a large part of the story was connected with the market. In the same place, Jacob bought geese. They brought them in a wooden cage to the kitchen, and at that moment when Jacob was alone in the kitchen, the goose began to talk with him. And it was the bewitched goose from among the others, bought in the market, Jacob then took to his room, where he lived. Very clearly passed the line that the goose Mimi told about her fate and the fate of her father. With the goose Jakob very often went to the market in search of a magic grass, which would help them to regain their former appearance. They searched for her for a long time and painfully, for many days. Found only when already desperate.

I remember that I brought out the moral from the film: if Jakob did not laugh at the witch, then he would escape the painful suffering, i.e. he suffered through his own fault. When I watched the GDR version, I had no such thought, because in this film Jakob did not suffer too much, there is not this drama. And one more, perhaps, the most important: the dwarf with his disgusting appearance evoked a feeling of disgust, disgust at the physiological level. It seems and pity him, but it was impossible to observe his appearance without disgust.

Memories of eyewitnesses of the film

The main sign of this performance is about 15 years old to Jacob, and the old woman is not terrible on her face, but her behavior, the game is so ominous, that you will never forget

Yes, that dwarf nose - that was something. I remember I was 5 - 8 years old (he was born in 1977). I watched this movie with my father on a color television "photon" every time a witch appeared on the screen, I turned away, I was just shaking. Yes, and Jacob was her "in the suit" - a wild horror. The film was exactly the color (the flower that sniffed Yakov mine was bright red) if someone finds - do not be silent !!!!

Similarly, Jacob either smelt a flower, or rather the old woman tore off a petal and threw it into the soup. After the first spoon, if I am not mistaken, he sneezes badly, unbending, and then ... and here ... Such a horror, and the noses were exactly hooked, and in the old woman and in Jacob. P.S. Well this was enough for someone, damn, crazy to spoil our childhood so !!! How many nightmares are ruined! Brrr.

That film was either Hungarian or Czech or English. He played there a tall, handsome, dark-haired young man. The staging is very dark. By the way, this film was called - not “Dwarf nose”, but “Enchanted ...”. I do not remember exactly. But, what is well deposited in the memory - the witch freaks rode in shells instead of sneakers.

The dreadful movie Dwarf Nose was because all the characters were moving very slowly, as in a rapid motion. And I remembered how Dwarf Nose and a goose were looking for some grass under the moon. It did not work, Dwarf Nose despaired, but then they found

Friends, another dwarf nose really exists! I remember the Gothic letters of the name, not in Polish, not in Slovak - three words, something really like a legend about poor Jacob. The word jacob was 100%. And there he is, yes, a teenager of 14-15 years old, dark-eyed, dark-haired, and a cap, in my opinion, even checkered. And heads in a basket, and the horror is incredible. The most interesting thing is that I saw him not once or even twice!

Good day to all! Could not fail to respond to this detective story on the search for the film. This film, which I saw in my childhood twice in 5 and 9 years, made a strong impression on me, apparently like many children with a weak psyche. The terrible effect was so strong that the hysteria of the bewitched Jacob lasted for several hours. Later, at the age of 9, she sat down to watch the movie calmly, with interest, but after the transformation of Jacob, the whole nightmare was repeated.Parents were in a panic, for a long time in our family were afraid to even pronounce the combination of "dwarf-nose." Therefore, I remember very well many facts related to him: dates, family events, the weather outside the window, even the clothes that I wore on the day of viewing. In the early 2000s, tried to find this film, to no avail. And this year, she returned to this topic again, and was amazed how many people who are not indifferent to this film!

Here, exactly. The film was not shown in color. I watched it for a moment, in the year in 1985 approximately or in 1986. The film immediately became interested in the fact that some sort of gloomy atmosphere was giving away ... some sort of horror. Before this, German films DEFAH, I also loved, but I saw a similar one for the first time ... I don’t remember the names, I missed and was surprised how this aunt Valya missed such darkness? (The similarity is about the same, if someone watched "Evil Dead" (first film, 1979), with the same about faces and atmosphere ...)The whole film looked like in the twilight ... even when the dwarf or the hunchback was going to the market, they correctly noted that he was tall, the camera looked out of his eyes, (look) was not straight, but wandering from left to right and the main thing TOP He looked ... I remember the forest, I remember the darkness ... I do not remember anything else. Maybe it was not quite sober that day, I do not remember that either. But the fact that the film was such and at the age of 18 I was shocked by the fry when I already looked at “Evil Dead” and something else like “Friday the 13th”, I repeat, it was really some kind of horror that was shown then ... I remember that he walked like during the day, and maybe not on a visit to a fairy tale, but on another day. Here I can be mistaken, because in the "Fairy Tale" I could just watch the version that walks everywhere. And my friend brought this version to me from Germany ... It goes on the same amount of time and the film is not the one, absolutely for sure. I’ll still remember in my memory and not only in it ... I’ll ask someone ... It’s interesting to review it again, otherwise I forgot about it .. They reminded me a while ago ...I wanted to add that the production was not a cinema one, but rather a film-performance or something like that. Maybe then the TV was black and white, and the film was shown in color, then I did not know already ... But in black and white, there was more darkness .. according to the recollection and presentation if it were in color. Maybe opinions were divided because of this. Someone looked in color, and someone like me without.

I have long wanted to revise this film from childhood, but unfortunately I haven’t found it anywhere. And he really was !!! Very creepy like that. But what is interesting, it consisted of several stories. One of them is Dwarf Nose (and no Jacob, but Dwarf Nose !!!) and another one about a guy who had no fear and he went in search of him. There was also a moment when someone (I don't remember who) caught death in a bag and hung it on a tree.And the people stopped dying, which in the end they were tired of and they flooded the crowd for this tree for death. I remember exactly that the film is one, but there are three of these stories in it. And the dwarf there was not a child and heads instead of cabbage. If this information will help someone to remember and find this film, please write to the post office its name and coordinates rk2013@nxt.ru

Recalled ... Feels like: 1. The film was two-part. 2. It seems to be English, not German. 3. For many years, the name Jacob was for me a phenomenon of something irrational and terrible. 4. Cabbage forks played a role (it seems that the witch chose them on the market). 5. Near-Victorian aesthetics took place (plaid skirts or rugs, hoods ...) 6. Fog - yes, creeping.

GUYS, It's hard to believe, but I know the year of the film. After reading this paste, I went to my father to ask if he had seen anything like that. My father claimed that he saw this film and saw it, in the same year, when his family bought a new TV, he just says that he remembers that in the year when he bought a new TV he was 7 (almost turned 8) years old, my dad was 1977, so the film was shown in 1985. Therefore, people cannot understand the first half of the 80s, or the second.

That fairy-tale film was called something like this: Poor Jacob ... Long nose ... Enchanted Jacob ... I don't remember, but Dwarf's nose. There, Jacob played a handsome brown-haired girl with a model figure, with curls ... shaggy squirrels rolled in shells instead of slippers - they all changed their shoes together as soon as he and the old woman came. Even that witch, well, oh-oh-a very long time choosing cabbage. And fingers with eerie nails showed the entire screen. This film is either Hungarian or English, but I did not find it on the network.

The film of our childhood about the dwarf-nose was called differently. And the dwarf was playing there a tall, handsome, dark-haired young man with brown eyes. That witch was terrible! .. I have 3 versions of old dwarf noses, including this one, but this film is not that, that one is not ...

I also clearly remember heads instead of cabbage heads in a basket, a decent such special effect for that time). Probably, this is all the same film made either in England or Hungary ... They showed it in March 1985. I had just then my sister rushed to the hospital, so I remembered. And he was not called a dwarf nose, but in my opinion "Enchanted ..." or "Enchanted ...". I’d like to find a program of telecasts for March 1985 ... I found a program in the internet only from March 25-31, 1985 - unfortunately there is no such film there. So he walked on TV in the beginning and middle of March.

I carefully follow the messages on this forum, because I have long been madly wanting to see the movie "Dwarf Nose", which I watched in childhood in the program "Visiting a Fairy Tale." I then studied in the third grade and the film made a terrible impression on me and my friends. When I started watching the German version, from the very first minutes I realized that the film was not the one. Absolutely not the atmosphere, you can say. For some reason I remembered that the film was Czech, black and white. It is possible that in fact it is colored.My mother can not remember in what year we have a color TV. I remember that the old woman was not as colorful as in the German film version, but she nevertheless had a very sinister look. She walked slowly through the market, her head was swaying or shaking. There were a lot of people, noisy. I remember that instead of purchased vegetables (it seems that they were cabbages) they turned out to be heads. I remember how in the dark the Dwarf Nose, along with the goose, was looking for the grass "yummy". The goose had a pleasant, tender voice. Such a film cannot disappear without a trace, it exists.

Heads as if I see. Exactly were, and not only in the book. The film is really a half-show of some kind. But the quotas HOW did these pigs in the shells slid ??? What were these animals sized? If big, who played them? People, like in our version? ... Maybe I really have glitches, guys, but it’s as if I SEE through the years: the animals in this movie-performance were REALITIES. And they didn’t roll anything, THEIR JUST SHOWED ALIVE, a group of several pieces. It would be accurate to remember !!! Or again glitches ??? Ehhh, my gray cells))) No, they certainly were ALIVE !!! There are all sorts of pigs there, maybe squirrels are still with mice ... Come on, buns, remember! It was the same, it was !!!

Comrades! Your topic has stirred up very far layers of my memory. Essentially, it seems I cannot help you, but I can say the following: I confirm - the second film really was. I remember how happy I was in my childhood, when I saw in the program “Dwarf Nose”, and how disappointed I was when I saw another TV play (the one here). But the date of its appearance, in my opinion, is not 1985, but an earlier year. Rather, 1983 +/- 1. The differences with the version laid out are as follows: the second film did not begin with the arrival of the royal cooks to the market, but from the fact that the witch bypasses the market (cabbage is attached). She was wearing a brown robe, and there were few people. Secondly, Jacob was indeed more mature, but the girls remembered his irresistible appearance, and I remembered the amazing appearance of the witch, who turned into a young woman. So - she had blue hair, not white! She was one of my first loves (:: but this is not forgotten. And generally this one looks more beautiful. There was also a white fog on the way to her lair. This film was called “Dwarf Nose”, but when he went, the translation was " Jacob .... "something. Until I read the whole topic, I thought that the film (TV movie!) Was German, produced by the GDR.

mmmmm ... at 81 I was in the first grade, which means about 1985-86. Speaking of dates - “Zwerg Nase” was filmed in 1978, in the mid-eighties he already looked a bit old, and the film in question was technically made differently - in a style very similar to “The Invisible Man” 1984, about which many in this thread have already mentioned.

I was in the fifth or sixth grade, when I saw that film, I think it was on television as a separate, independent show, not as part of a children's program.Looking through this version, from the very first minutes of viewing, I caught myself thinking that this film even started differently: the camera smoothly slid down to the market square, the people in the square were few, there was no fuss and hustle, there were no stupid cooks.A full sense of the reality of what is happening: autumn, a suburban bazaar, is clearly not a market day, an old woman appears with a shaking head, in which many immediately (unlike this version, when it came to mother Yakov, with whom she sent her son, only an hour later) a witch who comes for food once every few years. And the behavior of all the characters is different: the elders are respectful and fearful of the old woman, only the idiot-handsome-Yakov mocks at the venerable old age. In general, the film left a very vivid pedagogical effect (I stopped being rude to my grandmothers). It would hardly have scared me like an actress in a stupid mask and gloves from this film.

I am ready to put my Japanese Ibanez on the line, that that OTHER tale, which enthusiasts continue to talk and write about, WAS. I would put a short summary of it in six letters: HORROR !!! I was 5-6 years old, about 85-86 years old. When the witch was meezingly, she walked around the market (I clearly remember a close-up of how she goes to the camera) I was hiding under the grandmother's piano in a panic - it turned out that I watched this fairy tale once or twice as a guest of my grandmother This in my case meant that they showed it on weekends. It was in Kiev and then we had three TV channels: the first all-union and two Ukrainian ones. This is my contribution to the great search for the mysterious gothic thriller!

I can say 100% that this film is really not THAT terrible movie "Dwarf Nose". Without false modesty, I can say that I have a wonderful photographic memory and I can confirm that in the color film in the basket the witch had heads, not coconuts !!! It is a fact, one hundred percent and unconditional. You can write off a mistake on a child's sensation, but, for example, when I watch Beauty and the Beast (Panna a Netvor), all the sensations are preserved.But what I remember is absolutely clear, because this is a movie about Dwarf Nose. I talked with my friends and acquaintances. Of the 12 people, only one said that she vaguely remembers the details, all the others confirmed the color of the film, the heads in the basket and the terrible atmosphere. This film is most likely to be found in the gaps of the State Film Fund, but there are only exits to such people. Or, about a miracle, there is an entry on VHS. It will be great.

Dwarf Nose version of HORROR exists !!! (All 11 pages are read with a sinking heart and an expectation of a happy end on the 11th, but alas !!!). I confirm the heads in the basket and the beautiful boy !!! the squirrels there were definitely real, but I don’t remember whether it was a combination of live animals or moving stuffed squirrels.Some kind of there was constantly fog, fog, steam from the soup, hopelessness! in my opinion, it was shown not just on Sunday, but in general during the holidays. Perhaps summer.

I am a supporter of the existence of an OTHER version of the film, moreover, I dare to assert that the messenger "Moscow Says and Shows" was mistaken in this part. So I share my memories. I watched the movie in the early spring of the 85th, in the south (in Nalchik) it was already dry in our south. Probably in March. I watched on Friday evening (not on Sunday). I was in the second class. As there were only two channels, we often already knew in advance when and how much something interesting would be on TV. I used to even emphasize cartoons and children's films in the program for the week. The name “Dwarf Nose” even seemed to be somehow a bit strange or scary, I asked my elder sister about it and she told me that I would definitely watch the film - it is interesting and scary Even on Friday, when I came home from school, she reminded me that they say today is Dwarf Nose, do not forget. She also saw the GDR version and the Soviet version.But when we started to watch the film, she immediately said that it was not “Dwarf Nose.” By the way, the first thing that prompted her to think was that the name of the film was OTHER. Then, after looking for about 5 minutes, I said that it was NOT Dwarf Nose. I draw attention to the fact that she mistakenly decided that this was not some other version of the film, but a completely different story. Mother also said that this was not the film and she and her sister went to another room to talk about something about their women. Of course, if they watched the movie a little longer, they would understand that this is about the other version. very quickly realized this. he knew the plot a little. They told me. I ran to them later and said that it was all the same “Dwarf Nose”, but they didn’t care, they talked a lot about their own. This is what I mean. And to the fact that at that time people didn’t have much surprise if on TV they suddenly showed not what is written in the program. And replace one movie with another, atoms and generally cancel all broadcasts and show bands from morning to evening classical music was easy, because there was no advertising or responsibility to the advertisers or the market. Mistakes in the TV program also happened quite often. The most memorable for me is when the program wrote the 22nd series of "4 tankers and dogs", and there are only 21 of them. Despite the parents' assurances that there was a mistake in the TV program and a series of 21, we are with friends they didn’t want to part with Yanek, Gustlik and the company that they wanted to believe in the sanctity and infallibility of the Soviet program and the next day at the appointed time took their place at the TV sets. But we were disappointed - even the Soviet TV shows were wrong. And I didn’t watch the “Dwarf Nose.” Yes, I was scared. Already, I was scared by the heads in the basket in particular. Then it was almost impossible to see such films in adults, and then I was alone in the room. In general, somewhere then by the middle of the film I could not stand the tension and ran off to my mother and sister in the room. Then I regretted that I didn’t watch it - the next day at school (in the 85th on Saturdays we were still studying) and there was only talk about the film, but about these heads.But that's not all. A little later, I don’t remember exactly when the book “Dwarf Nose” appeared in the bookstore. Then, after all, only ideological nonsense was sold in bookstores. And we don’t have many children's books at all. To read Winnipooch or Carlson there was a queue in the children's library for several months. And there is such a book on sale. I asked my parents for money and bought it. So, she had Jacob on her cover, the one that was in the film. It was not a picture , and drawing, but still the one who saw the film understand t, that is that jacob and in the same clothes.Yes, it was a beautiful guy and his eyes are kind and beautiful, although he himself could not transfer the picture to all the beauty, but he was definitely stylized as a young man from this film that we are looking for. It was then that I wanted to buy her The book is larger than average in size, in soft binding, the cover is bright green in my opinion. Most likely it is now somewhere in my home. But I'm in Moscow now and will not go home to Kabarda soon, probably not before summer, atoms it would be possible to scan the cover and show the people how approximately Jacob the cat looked cerned we ischem.Tak that maybe someone will look at libraries, there is still plenty of books from the Soviet era, and maybe we can at least see the image of Jacob.

The second film (which is being sought) is. Since I watched it in childhood 2 times on TV. I looked in color and it was approximately in 1986-88 (since earlier in 1986 I had no opportunity to look in color). I didn’t watch any other dramas and screen shows, including this one, laid out here. As far as I remember, the style of the film was similar to the films "White Strawberry and Rosette" or "Three nuts for Cinderella." Do not lose hope to find, because I was able to find more rare films.

I am one of those who saw that mystical film. I do not remember heads. I can confirm from myself that the mood of that movie is terrible and add that the bazaar itself looked different, gloomy, the herbs not only lay on the tables, but also hung from above, there were few people, they all fell silent and somehow recoiled, with the advent of the witch, which came there every few years. When Jacob turned into a bazaar, he was very sorry that his mother did not recognize him, he suffered from this. And he bought Mimi at the bazaar (she had already spoken at the market). I watched both films of 1970 and 1978 and made sure that I didn’t think of anything, but just saw a completely different film. I wish you all good luck and still find that "Dwarf Nose"

We watched the 86-88 film, in my opinion “The Legend of Poor Jacob.” The color one (color TV from 78 years old) is creepy. We were then called meals in the dining room as in this fairy tale. Type shimplyumsplumpella pate or something close. Similarly, I was on a collective farm with a school in 86, I remember exactly because it was the World Cup and all the boys with a physical instructor watched it. I connect to the search ..

I called my sister, asked about this film - what was there with the cabbage in the witch's basket? She replied without hesitation that the cabbage had turned into heads. And she also remembered that she watched this German or Czech film only once around 1980. Dilog remembered from the beginning of the picture: "Why do you put your nose into the goods?" - Jacob asked with a mockery, and the witch to him: "Soon you will have the same nose." Squirrel sister remembered, like they were alive, and not disguised people.

Good day! I remember the film very well, but alas, it was a television film, and for this reason it was almost impossible to find it: theatrical copies were printed by the hundreds, and the film copies for television were just a few copies.

Dear colleagues, let me contribute to the hypothetical “identikit” of the Right-Dwarf-Nose. 1. The depressive-sad Gothic, permeating the entire structure of the film, this is the time ...))) Namely - the Gothic; rather in style, taste, music, general mood, than in attributes and scenery (which, however, is not excluded). In this version of Balsa, it is not observed. I clearly remember that even then, in childhood, the work of Balsa caused a persistent comic effect (I was about 11). And the difference of sensations arose immediately, when viewing the now desired version. In the context of this, I highly recommend the wonderful TV play "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (xUSSR 1980).It is this atmosphere that I associate with that elusive Dwarf. Probably because of what is happening. On the same shelf, the memory was postponed by the screensaver of the BBC series "Life on Earth", the work of David Ettenborough, 1979. This is my associative line, in general terms. That is why the possibility of the English nature of the desired film does not give rest. Our detective heroes have done a serious job on the "English search". Therefore, I will not once again stir up the water, but I will leave England "to the extreme," if suddenly nothing burns out with the Germans of 1958. By the way, they could easily take off whatever horror they wanted. The mood in the country was - you know. 2. Of the fresh details, I recall three. A fence, such as a wickerwork (someone already mentioned something similar here). Filmed by the average plan, perpendicular to the camera. A dull gray window, like a medieval one, that is, broken into sections. Slow hit on it and hopeless misty landscape. The frame is covered with a bald vine. (In the Balsa version, I found four “entwined” windows: 25.30, 55.40, 57.50, 1.02.20, but none of them fit - I guarantee). And most importantly - outdoor shooting. The film must have been quite intimate, but the real nature was still present. I remember the general plan with the horizon. That is, the entourage was not so cramped and full of characters, like Balsa. A keen sense of loneliness pops up more often. According to the dynamics, it was slower.3. Regarding goals. I remember them very vaguely, but I can bet that this image is not a product of a book compilation. I had such a story. In 1996, gathering in emigration, paranoidly collected a nostalgic collection (boxes with cassettes made up 2/3 of baggage). And already then I got into the torturous labyrinth of the search for this very Dwarf Nose. A key memory, of course, was the Heads. And then another thought cut me off - am I confused? Do I compile? Into God's Light, the old book, like the English Folk Tales, was extracted. Alas, I do not remember the year of publication, but the paper was completely trashy and very yellow. Fairy tales there were kept all, as on the selection, with a sadistic bias. Well, the illustrations were appropriate: mean joyless graphics, crooked characters, desperate poverty. And there was an unforgettable fairy tale "Three heads in the well" with a very naturalistic pattern. This is what I was looking for in order to check the sharpness of children's perception. Checked, compared. Nothing in common. The dead image occupied one niche in the mind, a shot from the Dwarf Nose another. And they did not overlap. This is me to the extra proof that the episode with the heads exists in nature, and not thought out by us.Sorry if helped a little. But I am one of those who enthusiastically follow the search from the very beginning and periodically rush at the no-go with an open visor in a new fit of dwarf fever. For my part, I can only guarantee that the French can safely not be included in the scope of the search. These I shook up thoroughly. So, just in case)))

I will summarize my impressions from scraps of memory: An eerie film about Dwarf Nose existed and it is not a 1978 film made by director Bals here. The film was filmed by video on the video in studio scenery. The film was color. The colors are not bright, a lot of gray, brown tones. The action of the film was mainly unfolding in the market. The counters were covered, well detailed.Vegetables, dried herbs, roots were laid out and hung. Something was boiled or smoked on the market; real steam or smoke was used in the filming. Steam was coming from sorceress soup. The houses were two-storied, in one of the scenes something was connected with the second floor. The camera at that moment was also installed at the level of the second floor (as if the view from the window is opposite). Jacob really was very scary, it seems his ears were also disfigured.

No, the creepy version was shown in 1981-82. (this is 100%), but not in 1985 and later. There was already nothing terrible acre adjustment was not-) This is especially about the camera at the level of the second floor, which was watching Jacob when he turned back along a narrow street with shopping malls and remembered a moment. The film was absolutely artistic and color, but it was in such a gloomy tonality. So from modern only Guillermo Del Toro unless removes-)

I remember well the image of an adult teenager on the market, I bet that Jacob has nothing in common with the boy from the 1978 film adaptation. reminds actor Andrei Ponomarev, who played young Pushkin. Dwarf was played by another actor. I agree with the opinions of those who believe that the film is imbued with the semi-mystic-gothic atmosphere of the English 80s television shows.As for the answer from the Air Force, yes, it is certainly a blow to my influences about the British origin of the film. But you never know, maybe there was a person who was prejudiced against the Russians, and without much checking, he just unsubscribed that they didn’t have such a film. That by itself will distract any requests to show, sell, transfer, etc. In addition, this sought-after film could have been put on by another English broadcaster.

My childhood was spent in Germany. From 1983 to 1989, I lived in a small town near Leipzig. So, what am I for - for this six-year period of my life in Germany, I watched this version of the movie from the tracker, and that one - which we are already talking about 20 on the pages !! The creepy version of the film was shown in color, I'm 100% sure of that, and the heads were in the basket, and the talking squirrels, and the fog, and the older Jacob (and then turned - he was very scary), and the oppressive atmosphere, and By the way, the old lady was, I would say, “more civilized” than in this film :)

Greetings to all! ... Concentrated !!! Today is a day of special memories. The first. The kitchen to which Jacob worked for the witch worked. The floor in this kitchen was roofing felts from glass, roofing felts from mirror tiles. in Jacob's witchcraft was his pereobuvki in nutshells. After this, he completely forgot himself and became different ...... And stretched out the painful and endless, endless, like a sound sleep, the life of Jacob ........ ..Constantly the atmosphere in the house looks like smoke. Third ... after waking up, Jacob removes the shells from his feet or they somehow fall off his feet when he once again sleeps at the table and then he starts to search and finds in the house where something aside, and maybe in some locker, his shoes and clothes again. After that, he finally wakes up and runs away .......... Then ... The fourth.Already after he becomes a cook at the duke, Jacob buys several birds on the market for the ducal table. One of these birds was the goose Mimi. The birds are in a wooden cage in the kitchen when Jacob cooks in the kitchen and dreams that he will cook once again something tasty from this bird, one of these birds - Mimi, begins to say out loud the phrase (which everyone probably knows): "If you turn me around the neck ...". Jacob is surprised. She talks to him and they get to know ... . Then he takes her to live in his room. Subsequently, Jacob repeatedly takes her with her to the market, where Mimi helps to choose fresh vegetables and also tries to help Jacob to “smell” the sought-after magical grass (roughly, something like this). There may be differences with the original, but the general point is this. .....

Jacob ran hobbled across the bridge, the atmosphere was gothic, dubbing, Jacob's voice would repeat the spell, The streets of the house look naturally grim, Jacob is an adult guy. I remember that the film was shown in 70, and there are moments that may be confused, but this is a different film. The film is looking for a joint production of Czechoslovakia GDR and someone else. Filmed naturally as a full-fledged feature film fairy tale. And why does some kind of body scenery pop up here is not clear.